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We are Budapest

FILMPARTNERS BUDAPEST is a fast-growing production services company, a part of Filmpartners Production Group. We provide expertise and support for non-Hungarian commercials, television productions and feature films shot on various Hungarian locations, on the historic streets of Budapest and in a number of Hollywood-standard sound stages and studios around the city.

Over the recent years dozens of foreign film and television productions have chosen Budapest over Prague, Paris, London or Sofia for shooting in Europe, largely drawn by favorable Hungarian government regulations. These include a corporate tax-based incentive program offering a 20 % rebate on production costs. New location fees introduced in 2013 make budgeting one of the easiest in Europe.

Budapest offers a high value for money film production in an easy-to access Central European location and a predictable, secure filming environment. International filmmakers also capitalize on the wealth of local set building know-how, highly trained Hungarian film specialists, and most importantly, on competitive labor and set-construction prices.

FILMPARTNERS BUDAPEST works with a selected team of the best technical talents of the country: cinematographers, editors, art directors, music directors, stylists and set designers, talent coordinators and still photography. With our cosmopolitan project team and decades of filming experience we provide high profile production service in one of the most exciting cities of Europe.


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