The events since the end of part one haven’t caused such a turbulance in the life of the Glass Tiger staff. Hardly anything has changed at all: Lali and Sanyi are still living there, Csoki (Choc) is still crazy about free drinks, Róka (Fox) is still dealing with trinkets, Gaben would like to get a rich woman for himself, and now he puts his faith into a Volga instead of American cars. Cingi’s life has taken a big turn though: he plays the tuba instead of the saxophone, and he’s getting married. His fiancée is none other than the deaf-and-dumb fiancée from part one.The bickering and arguments between friends that used to upset the idyll of the Glass Tiger staff are now replaced by a hostage drama out of the blue and a severe threat. First a mysterious board appears adrift, then a building contractor arrives and wants to have a residential park built on the plot where the shabby Glass Tiger buffet stands, and which he had previously homed in on. The situation is clear, since the contractor is reluctant to negotiate: Lali and Tiger must definitely leave. But they want to stay. In the meantime Cingi’s stag night is approaching for which the friends have a special surprise. Suddenly the way things are working out, it looks like they ran over and killed a policeman. In the end the Glass Tiger will sort of have a new owner, and the buffet makes a record sale, which soon goes down the drain. The main characters try to distance themselves from the suddenly too hectic place by putting together a makeshift island.

Over 320,000 admissions and highest ever first week-end admissions in Hungary.



Director: Péter Rudolf
Written by: Olivér Gábor Buss, Péter Rudolf
DOP: János Vecsernyés
Music: Gymes
Producers: Ági Pataki, Gábor Kovács
Main cast: Péter Rudolf, Gábor Reviczky, Sándor Gáspár, József Szarvas, Lajos Ottó Horváth, Imre Csuja, Gyula Bodrogi, Juli Básti, Tibor Szilágyi, Károly Gesztesi, Nóra Parti, Árpád Besenczi, Roland Selmeczi
Distributor: Filmpartners
Released: 2006
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